Peter Andre, panic attacks and bullying

Peter Andre, panic attacks and bullying

By Liz Lockhart

Front page news of Peter Andre this week includes alleged reports that he is suffering from panic attacks again.  Star magazine reports that a close friend of Peter’s says ‘He (Pete) has been feeling very stressed out lately and has begun having panic attacks again.’ 

A spokes person denied that the singer is having panic attacks, they add ‘Pete himself has spoken openly about having them in the past.’  The Star magazine article also suggests that Peter has been badly affected by a recent bullying campaign on the internet.

Whether Peter Andre is currently experiencing panic attacks or not, we do know that he has had a rough ride with bullying on the internet.  The exact details seem sketchy, several reports suggest that he has recently been receiving offensive message on social networking sites.

Whilst researching this news item I found a video of Peter talking about his panic attacks to a therapist.  I find it refreshingly honest and informative so have posted it below.  

Andre is a thoroughly endearing person who talks about periods in his life when he has suffered very deeply from this debilitating condition.  Peter discusses how he felt suicidal at one point which is hardly surprising as he was hit by up to twenty panic attacks a day for about two and a half years.

It is interesting to note that at the time of this therapy session he was feeling a resurgence of the disorder following meningitis.  It is quite common for panic disorder and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) to strike after a period of physical illness.  Mental Healthy has covered this topic  -  you can read about it here

Whilst we cannot be sure whether or not Peter is, again, suffering from panic disorder we sincerely hope that he is not.  If he is, he is well armed to get the treatment which he needs to make a full recovery and we would wish him all the best.   Peter has a well deserved legion of fans which will also be rooting for him. 

Peter is a much-loved celebrity who’s frankness about his panic attacks does much to dispel the myths that surround this particular mental health disorder.  We wish Peter every success. 

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