New DVD to improve understanding of identity disorders

New DVD to improve understanding of identity disorders

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A DVD aimed at raising awareness and understanding of complex identity disorders is released by a national survivor-led charity.

'A Logical Way of Being', developed by the charity First Person Plural, provides in

formation about the primary features of Dissociative Identity Disorder (sometimes known as 'multiple personality disorder’) and other similar conditions. The DVD looks at how such conditions can be caused by traumas experienced during childhood and examines the crucial role of psychotherapeutic treatment for such conditions.

Kathryn Livingston, Trustee & Voluntary Co-ordinator of First Person Plural - and one of the Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) survivors who appear on the DVD – explains the background:-

"First Person Plural made 'A Logical Way of Being' after identifying an overwhelming need to improve understanding of DID and related conditions. I myself am a DID survivor but for most of my life - from my late teens to my early 40s - I spent much time as a mental health patient without my condition being correctly identified. I was finally diagnosed 12 years ago yet ever since I’ve had to fight, with little success, to get my local NHS services to fund the long term relational psychotherapy which is the recommended treatment for DID.

"Many First Person Plural members - and others who contact the charity - tell similar stories: their condition isn’t recognized and even when it is, they’re not offered appropriate treatment and care. Indeed, DID and similar dissociative disorder conditions are probably far more common than is believed, because of the lack of correct diagnosis."

'A Logical Way of Being' is designed to address the needs identified by First Person Plural: a better understanding about the conditions, their diagnosis, appropriate treatment and care; better help for those living with the conditions (and the people living with them!); and better education and support for anyone involved in health, social care and related services.

It features three DID survivors who are First Person Plural experts-by-experience, alongside three experienced psychotherapists from both the NHS and the private sector. Between them, they have many years’ experience of living with DID, supporting, assessing and treating people with complex dissociative conditions, and providing training on this and related subjects.

Kathryn adds:
"The DVD offers a major step forward by helping professionals to develop their awareness and skills so that they’re better able to recognize, understand and help service-users. The aim is that this will lead to earlier diagnosis and an improvement in effective treatment, care and support for people like me: survivors of prolonged or extreme childhood abuse and trauma, who now have DID or a similar disorder as a consequence."

'A Logical Way of Being' was developed in association with Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP), The Pottergate Centre for Dissociation & Trauma and the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD). It was produced and directed by Gill Sandell of Serious Media Ltd.

The DVD can be ordered from First Person Plural’s website at

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