Debbie Harry (Blondie) admits aging anxiety

Debbie Harry (Blondie) admits aging anxiety

By William Smith

Debbie Harry (65) worries about getting older and sometimes feels like a ‘sl*g’ (her words not ours of course) according to an article on 

Those of us of a certain age will remember Debbie for being the front woman of the rock group Blondie who had hits with The Tide is High and Heart of Glass in the 1970’s.

Debbie Harry says that the idea of aging affects her sometimes.  ‘It varies’ she replied when asked if she feels anxious about aging. ‘It goes from moment to moment.  Sometimes I’m thinking ‘Oh god, I’m really looking good’ and others I go (puts on a pained voice) ‘oh my god’.  There are some days you feel like you’re gorgeous and some days you feel like you’re a sl*g.’

Debbie began dating the Blondie guitarist Chris Stein in the 70’s but they never married or had children. They split in the 1990’s and she insists that not becoming a mother was a conscious decision.

She goes on to say ‘When I started, I started later so that when I slowed down it was maybe not such a good idea to have children.  I came at it from a different kind of age approach.’

Well Debbie you actually look great for any age.  You may be 65 years old but you have timeless beauty as you always did.  You were the envy of your peers and fans when you started in the business and the same can be said for women of your age today.  Your beauty comes from an air of inner contentment and confidence oh, and, of course, a huge dose of good looks! But your anxiety about aging has sparked a feature about this.

Please see here for our chief researcher Liz’s article in response to ‘ageing anxiety’ here.



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