Anxiety facts and statistics


  • In any one year it is sestimated that a staggering  one in four of the british population will experience a mental health problem.
  • Of these, mixed anxiety and depression are the most common mental health disorders experienced in UK.
  • Anxiety, as defined in our introduction, affects around 16% of the population at any one time.
  • Stress (a condition related to anxiety) is the second most reported ill-health condition after musculo-skeletal problems with respect to work related problems.
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder (see Types of Anxiety) affects 2-5% of people but accounts for 30% of the mental health problems in people seen by GPs (Source: Department of Work and Pensions).
  • Although women are upto 3x more likely to be treated for a mental health problem than men -
  1. A staggering statistic is that men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women in UK.
  2. Men also present much higher rates of drug and alohol addictions.
  • In our Uncovered report we found that 67% of the british population state that money worries cause them anxiety.
  • 34% of the UK population agreed that they use alcohol for this purpose. Broken down, this relates to 37% of men and 30% of women admitting that they are likely to turn to alcohol to cope with low mood, anxiety or depression.
  • The Uncovered report also found that 48%of the population is more likely use Google than go to a GP when faced with a mental health problem.

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