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Having suffered with depression herself, Paula Goldsmith was thrilled to find Uncovered magazine. Inspired by our 'Be Inspired' page, she has sent us some of her own personal quotes - we found them so inspiring we want to share them with you too:

  • Sometimes we need to just stop searching, but remain open minded and inquisitive 
  • Every disappointment brings with it huge opportunity; to learn, therefore to grow, so embrace the setbacks as they help us to step further along our journey 
  • How many times have you got what you wanted and then not actually wanted it at all? When we think about what we want, do we take the time to really imagine already having it? Feeling how it would feel to have it? This can help us to avoid chasing after things that are really not for us at all.
  • Discover that you are perfect, beware for there will be nothing left to do except you have much to perfect, rejoice for you are still growing; growth is the key to life.
  • To feel lost is not a bad thing, for it forces you to search harder to find yourself...a starting place with yet everything to discover.
  • The IM at the beginning of impossible merely stands for I Make, I make-possible, whenever you think something is impossible, change this to the new meaning I Make-possible and then you will start to plan how.

Paula says 'These are some of the quotes that I have put on my page on facebook 'dream it - believe it. Inspirations': would love to share any of them with your readers.' So guys if you like what you have seen here - go to the facebook group for more inspiration.

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