Meeting Your Potential

Meeting Your Potential: How to Maximise your Efficiency and Get Things Done

Feeling overwhelmed and not on top of things? Fear not, there are ways to meet your full potential and feel less stressed in the process. Here we have highlighted the top three areas to focus on.

Make time for thinking

It sounds obvious, but with the busy lives we all lead these days, not many of us have the luxury of taking time out for thinking. However, this is key to improving your efficiency and getting things done - getting them done well. For example, Google and Apple encourage their staff to spend a certain percentage of their time every week working on projects that fall outside their job’s remit. This helps workers to take a step back and to think differently, often resulting in new products that the companies implement to good success. How much time do you allow yourself for thinking?

Make time for relaxing

As equally important as thinking time is taking the time to relax. Recharging the batteries, whatever way suits you, will help you to be more efficient in your everyday life. So whether you choose to go to the gym, read a book or play with the kids, make sure you block time regularly to focus on yourself and your well-being. A refresh can only improve your efficiency.

Declutter your home

Freeing up your mind can not only be helped by removing clutter from your diary, but also by removing clutter from your home. There are a number of ways to get rid of the belongings you decide to throw out. Here are a few:

·         Donate to charity

Charities are extremely grateful for any donations which they can sell to raise funds. You can either take belongings to charity shops found on your local high street, or fill a donation bag. The latter are often dropped off at your home by charities that later collect them from you, so there is minimal effort involved.

·         Give to second-hand shops

Whether charity shops or independent second-hand shops, your local town centre will have a number to choose from who would be happy to purchase or take your old belongings, providing they are in a good state or easily repairable.

·         Sell to specialised organisations

Organisations, such as Music Magpie, will buy your unwanted belongings, like CDs, DVDs, computer games, mobile phones or clothes. You simply get a quote online for your items, then send them off and receive a cheque. This is a great way to get rid of surplus things taking up storage space at home, while making some extra money at the same time.

In essence, removing clutter from your environment and your schedule will help improve your efficiency and get things done. Why not start with clearing out old belongings and make yourself from extra money at the same time? Visit to see what you could sell today.

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