Bulimia recovery

Hi There,

I Purchased your Magazine (Uncovered magazine issue 3) to take on Holiday with me to read, it had the Articles in concerning eating disorders, well what a revelation it was to me at the time. I have suffered with Bulimia for over 29 Years !!! Yes 29 years!

Your article made me realise that Bulimia is a Mental Illness brought on by situations events in life that on the whole are probably out of your control. The article opened my eyes and made me think a little bit different about it all, and bearing in mind my husband and myself were on an all inclusive holiday at the time; not always the best idea for a person with Bulimia.

I made a conscious decision to stop being sick right there and then, I have been successful for the last 7 weeks I am very proud of myself but it is a constant struggle everyday. I would like to get a bit more help but at the moment I do not know where to go.

I would just like to say once again your article was a real inspiration to me and I hope my letter will be an inspiration to others.

Regards  Karen xx


Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it makes our job seem so worthwhile to hear from our courageous readers. 

You may find it useful to go to your GP as it will be they who can get you access to support. What you have done is a big and incredibly brave thing. You will I am sure experience good times and hard times on your journey to complete recovery. You may also find the following websites and helplines useful.



beat Helpline:

0845 634 1414

Very, very best wishes.

The Mental Healthy Team

Our Eating Disorder Guide

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