Social phobia - A readers letter


Hello Mental Healthy people, my name is Paul and I was very interested when I heard about Uncovered magazine.  I wondered would you be doing an article surrounding shyness, social phobia, that sort of thing?  I think there must be loads of people out there suffering from this type of problem.  I am 36 and for years have struggled in life due to shyness, being unconfident, blushing, etc.  I feel a big problem is also having overactive sympathetic system as this makes face red when in warm situations, out for meals, etc and not just through blushing with shyness!

It is a real problem and no wonder I considered operation for blushing, which I get conflicting reports about.  I read with interest that there is micro ETS surgery which is supposed to be a bit safer and also can be done for Raynauds, which I also have!

I feel my shyness is just something `in me', I have heard of oxytocin to help but not sure about, really would love something to help.  Because of these problems I feel pretty depressed and down at times.  Sometimes feel my brain lacks something! as I feel a bit odd - unalert.

 Really sorry if this sounds like me, me, me!  Just never quite know what to do or where to start.

I would really appreciate any information/thoughts on these subjects.  If there’s anyone else out there with these types of problems, I can certainly sympathise with them!

Look forward to maybe hearing from you sometime.

Yours hopefully

Paul A


Hi Paul

Thank you so much for your letter, sharing your thoughts and speaking out about your situation.  We have found that this is an important issue to many people and we hope these articles will be of help to you (please see links below).  Let us know how you get on!

The MentalHealthy Team

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