Quitting Smoking Linked to Better Mental Health

Quitting Smoking Linked to Better Mental Health

Whether electronic cigarettes and vape devices are an effective smoking cessation, we have long known that quitting smoking can have a very positive effect on your physical health. But what about your mental health? Is there anything inherent to the smoking habit that contributes to mental health issues like depression and anxiety? And if so, would quitting improve those issues? Even while answers to those questions are still under review, a study recently released by the Washington University School of Medicine suggests quitting smoking can lead to better mental health. 

Researchers at the American University looked at aproximately 4,800 smokers who were also dealing with a range of psychological problems. The study found that the majority of those who quit smoking were enjoying better mental health three years later. Here are a couple of key figures from the research:

  • 42% of those still smoking at the three-year mark continued suffering from psychological problems
  • among those who quit smoking, only 29% still suffered from their psychological problems at year three.

The data seems to suggest that the negative effects of tobacco smoke can also contribute to brain functioning in ways that exacerbate certain types of mental conditions. Quitting smoking, even with an electronic cigarette or nicotine replacement therapy product, may help by eliminating tobacco smoke from the person's environment.

Unfortunately, researchers were unable to conclusively prove the link between quitting smoking and better mental health. They said it is entirely possible that an improvement in mental health is what motivated certain individuals to quit smoking. Further research will have to be conducted if we are to better understand the link between smoking and mental health.

Stopping Smoking

Whether it is for your physical or mental health, giving up smoking will bring many rewards. There are various ways to go about stopping, some people find they can go 'cold turkey' for others cutting down, or using nicotine replacement helps. There are various counselling services and helplines, your GP will have lists available with area specific information.

E-cigarettes are one of the fastest-growing alternative nicotine products within the smoking community. E-cig companies like The The Vapestick and Skycig are enjoying monumental growth all across Europe and North America and more information on these products can be found below.

Quitting Smoking with E-Cigarettes

At this time, it is still too early to say for sure whether electronic cigarettes are an effective smoking cessation product for the majority of smokers. However, the studies to date have been very encouraging. One of the most prominent studies, completed by researchers in New Zealand last year, showed electronic cigarettes to be at least as effective as the nicotine patch for smoking cessation. Additional studies are being conducted at present.

Smokers dealing with psychological problems like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder should consider speaking to their doctors about quitting smoking. Not only would quitting encourage better mental health, it would also be better for you physically.

So, if you would like to quit smoking as an avenue to better mental health, consult your doctor regarding the best way to go about it. Whatever route you choose to going smoke-free, know that there is plenty of support out there within the medical and mental health communities - you may also like to join an ecigarette and vaping community like Planet of the Vapes.


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