What happens when you give up smoking

Quit smoking - What to expect

We all know giving up smoking will improve our health, but did you know that in just 5 years your chance of a heart attack will half? It can be great motivation, to know the benefits, when you quit. If you keep in mind, not what you will loose, but what you will gain, you are far more likely to succedd, and stay quit!

Best of luck!

What to expect when you quit smoking, a timeline:

20 minutes: heartbeat and blood pressure go back to normal

8 hours: oxygen levels in the blood return to normal, nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood are halved

24 hours: the body is carbon monoxide-free and starts to clear out mucus and other smoking debris from the lungs

48 hours: the body has eliminated any nicotine. The senses of smell and taste improve

72 hours: the respiratory system starts to work easier. General health starts improving

2 – 12 Weeks: blood circulation improves

3 – 9 Months: lung function has increased by 10%

5 years: chances of a heart attack are halved

10 years: chances of lung cancer are halved, chances of a heart attack are the same as people who have never smoked

10 years smoke-free: equals a saving of around £15,000 (considering no price increase)!

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