More support for staff with mental health disorders

More support needed for staff with mental health difficulties

By Catherine Walker

Dan Robotham, senior researcher at the Mental Health Foundation has suggested that employers need to offer support to staff who are struggling with the rigours of work and poor mental health.

He believes that some staff who have been blighted with mental health disorders often become stigmatised and that they need to have access to certain flexible benefits.

Companies are obliged to ensure that workers are not singed out due to their problems under the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act.

It has been suggested by the Chartered Management Institute recently that having a decent communications policy can help to boost levels of happiness and motivation among a workforce.

Mr. Robotham said ‘It is important any action taken by employers is not simply tokenistic box ticking.  They will need appropriate support and training.’

He went on to say that there have been ‘significant positive improvements’ in levels of employee engagement among those who suffer from mental health issues since 2006.

Being able to work and earn a living is a basic right for us all and it can essential for those suffering from mental health disorders.  It builds self-esteem, provides contact with others and motivates.  Let us hope that these suggested improvements in the working environment will be put in place and that the stigma of mental health disorders can be lifted even further.

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