An online community art project launched

Depression sufferers encouraged to express themselves through art and poetry

A Helping Hand – Living with Depression is an Online Community based on Facebook that offers support, encouragement and guidance to those suffering with Depressive Illnesses. This covers a wide range, including Depression, Bi Polar Disorder, PTSD, Stress and Anxiety Disorders, and people who suffer with Eating Disorders and Alcohol and Drug addictions.

The group have organised a community art project to encourage sufferers to express their feelings through Art and Poetry. There has been a big response, and is an ongoing project that runs alongside the group. The Artwork will be exhibited once collected, anonymously or otherwise, and shared with the public to raise awareness. More projects like this are in the pipeline, and have been widely supported by sufferers and support groups alike. 

The group, which was created earlier this year by Helen Perry, focuses on providing a Support Network and information on illnesses and treatments that are available. People are encouraged to seek help professionally, and are inspired by images, videos, and success stories along the way. Useful links and Emergency contact numbers are also available to members, as well as a link to Helen’s personal profile for private discussions.

At a time when it is most difficult to communicate and socialise, A Helping Hand offers a safe place where thoughts and feelings can be shared, and advised on without judgment from others. Abolishing the stigma that surrounds Mental Illness is vital, and the group and surrounding projects are steps taken towards achieving it. There is also a Tumblr page that provides a constant stream of positive images for members, and a Youtube Channel where Helen showcases videos made by herself with personal messages of encouragement. The founder, who has battled with Depression herself, has high hopes for the group’s members. There are currently 366 members of the group, with around ten new members daily. “People put a great deal of pressure on themselves to recover because of outside opinions in their personal lives, but that is no fault of their own. People’s lack of understanding is a big hindrance, which is by I think the group is relied upon so frequently”. 

You can join A Helping Hand on Facebook: or contact Helen at [email protected].

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Words - Helen Perry

Photograph - From group


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