How benefit cuts will affect the most vulnerable

United Response shows us how benefit cuts will affect the most vulnerable

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The national charity United Response, which provides help for people with learning disabilities, mental health care, physical disability and supported living, has created this incredible infographic, to highlight how proposed benefit cuts will affect the most vulnerable in our society.

The Infographic was produced in response to the Spartacus Report and the proposed Government cuts to Disability Living Allowance.United Response feels that these cuts penalise disabled people unfairly and that they will have profound implications on their everyday lives.

Take a look at the graphic opposite to see just how much impact these cuts would have. Click to enlarge it.

About the proposed cuts

The proposed cuts are set to save the government £23.7 billion, but at what cost?

United Response have calculated that this will severely impact upon the most vulnerable and in need, with 47% of families with disabled people in the household already living in poverty.

Please see the infographic opposite for the full picture of what these cuts look like and just how much disabled people will suffer under them.

About United Response

United Response now work in over 200 locations across England and Wales and employ around 3,000 people. They not only provide support, they run campaigns on the latest social care issues, organise fundraising schemes and events, and provide guidance and information via the website, and through various publications. Check out for more information.

United Response believes that people with disabilities are equal participants in society and should have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.

Please share this infomation and help the most vulnerable in society have the support they need and deserve.


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