SANE chairman awarded MBE


SANE chairman awarded MBE

By Charlotte Fantelli

We are delighted to report Charles Bracken,  Chairman of national Mental Health Charity SANE has been recognised for his work in the field.

SANE have been incredibly supportive of MentalHealthy since our creation and I can tell you first hand just what a wonderful charity it is, and what hard working and devoted individuals are behind the organisation's great work.

Mr Bracken was awarded the MBE for voluntary service to mental healthcare for his involvement with SANE since it's launch in 1986.

“We have been able to establish a major research centre in Oxford, the Prince of Wales research centre, we’ve done lots of social research, set up a national helpline, we provide significant help to people and we do a lot of work with the government.

Their work continues to help so many people affected by mental illness and Mr Bracken is happily a part of the organisation now and in it's future.

“It’s something that I do find very rewarding and it’s wonderful to receive the MBE.”

Well done from all of us here at MentalHealthy!

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