Girls Aloud Sarah Harding in rehab for depression

Girls Aloud Sarah Harding in rehab for depression

By Liz Lockhart

Varying reports in the media can be found concerning Sarah Harding, depression, drinking problems and a stay in a rehabilitation centre.  Some are so scathing about Sarah’s brush with depression that they are shocking and cruel.

What would seem to be fact is that Sarah Harding has recently split from her fiancé, Tom Crane which caused Sarah to hit rock bottom.

A source close to Sarah is quoted in The Sun as saying ‘She’s been through a traumatic time in her personal life and had to honour her work commitments on top. She needs some time out to clear her head.’

‘Splitting from Tom has played a huge part in her decision to seek help.  She has hit rock bottom.  It all just got the better of her.  She had been with Tom for a long time.  All her plans for the future suddenly came crashing down.’

‘Some of her closest friends had suggested she seek help over the last few months but she refused.  She was burying her head in the sand but now she is getting support.’

A representative confirmed: ‘Sarah Harding has entered a treatment centre for depression and alcohol addiction.’

Depression and alcohol abuse all too often go hand in hand.  Sarah is very wise to seek the treatment and care which she needs to recover from her reported problems. 

Normally we avoid negative reporting on mental health issues on the pages of Mental Healthy, however, what was printed on about Sarah Harding’s visit to rehab is a disgrace.  It is the kind of reporting that perpetuates everything that is negative an ignorant in the sphere of mental health and has to be read to be believed.

Below is a snapshot of the bigoted rantings from their website:

Rehab? People didn't use to go to rehab, they just died. Nowadays it seems like rehab is the answer to every problem. Drug addiction? Rehab. Drinking problem? Rehab. Tired? Rehab. Bored? Rehab. Career taking a turn for the tedious? Rehab. Terminal disease? Hospital. Imagine if we'd had rehab during The Great War of 1914 to 1918? Jerry wouldn't have waited for our lads to talk through their commitment issues, or discuss the role their absent father played in their addiction to suppositories. No. And look at us now. All the better for it.

Shame on you ‘holy moly’.  Talk to the families of those soldiers who were shot during World War 1 for cowardice when they were suffering from PTSD.  Talk to our brave soldiers today who have risked their lives in combat and now suffer the daily hell of PTSD. 

Rehabilitation centres can offer the kind of treatment which saves lives.  We hope Sarah Harding receives the help she needs and that she is soon back on the path to perfect mental health. 

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