Professional support direct to your mobile

Professional support direct to your mobile

Mental Healthy has learnt of an exciting new app under development called Thrivo, which will bring professional support direct to your mobile. 

Thrivo makes the most qualified and experienced psychologists available on your mobile phone, in a discreet, affordable and secure way.

Thrivo is being developed by the team behind private therapy self-referral website, but is about more than just therapy. Tommy Newman, a co-founder, told us: "When you say psychologist, people immediately think about therapy. However, psychologists can help people with a lot more than just mental health conditions. I personally experienced this a year ago when a psychologist helped me with my mindset for dieting; I lost two stone and was featured in The Sun. I took that experience, researched a lot, and came up with the concept of Thrivo, based on the understanding that most people can benefit from some professional input to tackle their life goals and issues." Tommy continues: "We want to help people with areas such as maintaining motivation, being more effective at work, and improving their personal relationships, as well as anxiety and depression".

The purpose built mobile platform ensures that messages are sent and stored under encryption, and allows qualified psychologists to provide support whenever and wherever it is needed. All psychologists on Thrivo are fully qualified; they are registered members of the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC), whose standards they adhere to.

The team is currently looking for people to pilot the app, so they can learn how people want to use it. "We have a vision for what the app can allow people to achieve; we want to be guided, as to how we should implement it, by people who are actually using the app," says Tommy.

If you would like to trial Thrivo and play a part in shaping this revolutionary service, please visit:

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