I'm not Bipolar, I have Bipolar

“I’m not Bipolar, I have Bipolar”

By Gary Page

I have come to appreciate this quote. Originally, I considered it as cheesey with little meaning. For those of us with ongoing illnesses, I think we should simply live as individuals, certainly not as bipolars, or diabetics, or aids or cancer victims.

Certainly, we will always have to be aware of our symptoms in relation to relationships and employment. Indeed, we may often need a supportive network of people, and benefit by modelling our jobs in ways that help maintain our health.

I am me!

However, I am an individual who has bipolar. I am not a sick person who is bipolar. We do not regard people as cancer or aids but rather as people who have them instead.

I visualise the person who has bipolar, as one who owns it and manages it. When a person is regarded as bipolar or schizophrenic, I feel they are identified as the illness itself. A total disregard of individuality is implied.

Because this illness is related to the brain with its medical diagnosis, I feel it is confused with identity. It relates to the ancient arguement regarding the division of the mind and body, the soul and the brain, if you will.

When I am depressed, I have become aware that my brain is lacking the required amount of neuro ingredients at that point, which is a physical thing. However, it is not who I am, it is what I sometimes suffer. 

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