Awards for carers - The Shire Brave Awards

The Shire Brave Awards

By Liz Lockhart

Do you know a caregiver that deserves recognition?

Have you heard about the Shire BraveAwards?  This initiative has been set up by Shire plc to acknowledge ordinary people who give of themselves by caring for others in a meaningful, dedicated and selfless manner. 

Recognition is wonderful especially for this band of people who give so much and expect little if nothing in return, however this award also comes with $10,000 USD for each recipient.

Shire told Mental Healthy that most people assume that the Shire Brave Awards are just for people living in the US but this is a misconception as it is open to all and nominations from the UK will be very welcome.

What is a caregiver?

A caregiver provides regular, consistent care for another person without being paid or requiring something in return.  Not someone professionally employed as a caregiver or healthcare provider, but the unsung, non-professional type.  The relatives, neighbours or friends who give their time, support and compassion regularly to help someone unable to care for him or herself due to health and wellness issues, injury or other extenuating circumstance.

If you know anyone who deserves nomination you can enter them by visiting where all necessary information is available.  You can also learn more about Shire plc on this site.

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