Start2 changing lives with art

Start2 - changing lives with art

By Charlotte Fantelli

Start 2 is a creative initiative to help people explore their thoughts and feelings through art and creativity. The website has many wonderful free tools and resources so that anyone can get involved. It was created and developed by Start, an NHS service that empowers people to improve their mental wellbeing after illness.

Art has been a well documented form of therapy and is known to help in many areas of emotional, mental and even physical wellbeing. After just five minutes on start2 website I am reminded that getting arty can help in so many ways, just a few are listed below.

Creativinty can help us:

  • Feel good
  • Achieve more
  • Relax
  • Build confidence
  • Learn more
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Manage pain
  • Change the way we think
  • Help us deal with lifes problems more creatively
  • Helps us think originally
  • and can help lower stress

Start2 offers inspiration, online exploration and downloadable resources, it can be accessed 24-hours-a-day. Tamzin Forster of Start tells us 'Start2 is packed with over 70 absorbing activities that are proven to benefit wellbeing!'

And you certainly won't run out of things to do, the 70 activities, are engaging, entertaining and for all skill -levels. Tamzin says 'mix yourself a Recipe For a Good Mood with our animation generator. Visit our virtual galleries and museums, take your wellbeing temperature on our Wellbeing Thermometer, experience mindfulness with our audio downloads, try your hand at collage and photography. It’s easy with Start2 - expert tips guide you all the way!' 

If you are stuck for ideas on where to start, they have a solution! 'We even have a mentor to recommend the best exercises to suit your wellbeing goals.' Says Tamzin.

Having explored the site myself I will be trying my hand at many creative wellbeing activities. I look forward to watching, gluing, pasting and gaming my way through the fabulous activities.

You can find Start2 online:

On Facebook:

On Twitter: @start_2

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