Lee Coombes


Lee Coombes, BA (hons), MA.

Fully qualified humanistic and integrative psychotherapist accredited by Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling (BCPC) and registered with UKCP. 

Individuals, couples and groups.

Psychotherapy is not a quick fix. It is a long term process that involves a commitment to working through on a deep level unconscious processes and organizing principles that have become deeply embedded in our minds and affect our everyday lives.

Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to talk in complete confidence.

The emphasis is for you to find the answers within yourself in secure and accepting environment. In the process of psychotherapy you may come to see patterns from the past and notice how they can influence you now.

Works to the code of ethics of the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling, these guidelines closely mirror those of the UKCP and BACP, the two principal bodies representing psychotherapists and counsellors in Britain. Also governed by the BCPC code of ethics and professional conduct.


Diploma in humanistic and integrative psychotherapy from Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Registered with UKCP.

Completed courses in interpersonal group work skills, family constellations, eating disorders and addiction, working with trauma and massive loss, body psychotherapy, working with couples.

Worked in the addictions field for many years.

Worked with asylum seekers and worked with cultural difference.

Trained in working with dreams, working from a contemplative approach and Focusing.

In August 2001 successfully completed an eight week volunteer induction course at Bath Area Drugs Advisory Service (BADAS).

Worked in the needle and syringe exchange,

Worked with Wiltshire Drug Treatment Testing Order Team (DTTO),

Experience with monitoring and liaising with relevant agencies such as the criminal justice system, probation, health, housing and social services.

Regular external supervision for counselling work.

Worked as a counsellor at Clouds House treatment centre, carrying a caseload of clients, facilitating groups, delivering lectures and workshops, liaising with care managers and secondary treatment centres as well as maintaining records and a data base.

Worked as an agency worker and as part of the NHS shared care team at Inclusion in Swindon.

Ongoing training in POVA, child protection, harm reduction, needle and syringe exchange, detox, eating disorders and self harm.

Successfully completed training courses in effective initial assessments, completed care plans and risk assessments. 

Worked as part of a multi-discipline team with other health professionals and the criminal justice system.

Turning Point Bridgewater in facilitating groups, working on duty and in the needle and syringe exchange.

Eight-week introduction to counselling skills course at City of Bath College in 1991.

Further course of counselling skills as part of teacher-training course. 

Short counselling course with The Open College 

One-year Foundation course with Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling


After successfully completing the second stage of the psychotherapy training with BCPC, which included a year long placement as a volunteer network counsellor at the City of Bath College, Lee started stage three training and began building a private practice.

Successfully passed courses on body work, contemplative psychotherapy as well as a two year course in intersubjective systems theory.

Now a UKCP registered psychotherapist and qualified as an integrative and humanistic psychotherapist accredited by BCPC.

In addition Lee has successfully completed a residential Clouds course in interpersonal group therapy in August 2002.

Facilitated a wide range of support groups and therapy groups.

Completed an intensive short course in working with asylum seekers, dealing with cultural difference, working with interpreters, trauma and massive loss. This course was taught by Jeremy Woodcock. Lee has seen clients from Iraq, Somalia and the Ivory Coast, Guinea and the Sudan and I have worked with interpreters.

Lee was part of an ongoing Jungian dream group for well over a year.

Completed a constellations training course facilitated by Vivian Broughton.

Lee successfully competed Jill Gabriel’s year long couples training course.

Worked on placement inside Hillview Lodge, a psychiatric short stay ward, part of Bath RUH hospital. I have taken part in ward rounds, worked alongside other healthcare professionals and worked with a broad range of clients dealing from a wide range of spectrum of mental health issues.


The cost of sessions is £40 minutes for 50 minutes. £45 for an hour with couples.

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