Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is a common condition with mixed anxiety and depression being the most widely diagnosed mental health complaint in the UK today. The good news is, it is a condition that can be well controlled, managed and overcome. The right diagnosis and treatment can mean sufferers can enjoy a life free of anxiety. The counsellors here are all experienced in the area of anxiety disorders.

There are different approaches to anxiety treatment, with talking therapies proving most effective. CBT has been shown to be particularly beneficial to anxiety disorder sufferers, as it teaches new ways of challenging old behaviours and implementing non-anxious ones in their place.

Other forms of talking therapy that focus on the person, individual experiences and underlying causes and feelings can also be extremely useful. Anxiety often stems from a root cause and in tackling these underlying issues, the sufferer can feel empowered to move forward.

Whichever form of therapy you chose, you have the right to feel welcome, safe and able to open up honestly with your therapist. Many of the counsellors here have free or reduced cost introductory sessions to help you find a therapist right for you.

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