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Overcome Anxiety Programme

What is the 'Overcoming Anxiety Programme'?

Since my recovery I have really wanted to help other people recover too and have spent a long time looking at what has helped other   people (some things are universally helpful, other things work for some and not others). I have worked with psychologists and   nutritionists, with people who work in NHS, private practice and of course sufferers themselves to bring you what I believe to be:


Why is this the best anxiety programme for you?

  • You will learn what anxiety is
  • You will learn to understand your symptoms and why they cannot harm you
  • You will learn many tecniques to help at crisis times
  • You will learn day to day techniques to help reduce anxiety everyday!
  • You will learn how to control and manage anxiety – EVEN use it to your benefit
  • You will learn how to physically control anxiety
  • You will learn how to mentally control anxiety
  • You will learn how to eat for good mental health
  • You will learn how to sleep better and promote relaxation in your life
  • You will learn how to behave in ways that will KILL anxiety rather than being in 'avoidance' and keeping anxiety high
Anxiety cannot kill you

We have a quickstart guide to overcoming anxiety that will give you help starting from the day you open the pack! We have an "overcoming anxiety' workbook that will be your personal life guide teaching you all you need to overcome anxiety in your life, this course can take anywhere from six weeks to one whole year depending on you and how you want to use it. We have a 'Personal Progress Diary' with ONE WHOLE YEAR of diary space, quotes, tips, graphs, challenges – think of it as a personal trainer keeping you motivated for a whole year PLUS SIX CD's that will guide you step by step through the programme.

Free products


We also give you free:

  • Eating for good mental health – your 100 page guide to food for the mind
  • Guide to relaxation – A booklet all about relaxation
  • AND The ultimate relaxation CD

The 'Ultimate relaxation CD is not just your average sit back and drift off CD, this will guide you through understanding relaxation, what it is and why it is so important to anxiety recovery + of course some fabulous exercises for different times of day

This pack will help you if:

  • You suffer anxiety
  • You are agoraphobic
  • You have a specific or a general phobia
  • You have social anxiety/shyness
  • You have generalised anxiety disorder
  • You suffer anxiety due to PTSD
  • You have OCD
  • If fear controls any aspect of your life and you want to be free of it!
Anxiety cannot kill you
We guarantee your success

This is a unique and flexible plan, there are so many angles and techniques used that this really is the pinicle of anxiety management programmes. Some of our techniques may not work for you but I guarantee some will, this is your journey and this programme offers YOU the reins. YOU will be empowered and change your life to live anxiety free. Besides if in three months, even six months time you donât believe that it has helped improve your life, or you are not entirely satisfied we will give you your money back.

Just £95