Channel 4 Goes Mad

Channel 4 Goes Mad

By Liz Lockhart

Channel 4 has never been one to shy away from controversial subjects, and now it tackles the topic of mental health head on with a season of prime-time shows. The season explores the stigma and discrimination that still surrounds mental illness, especially in the workplace.

The season includes: ‘World's Maddest Job Interview’, ‘Ruby Wax's Mad Confessions’, and ‘Jon Richardson: A Little Bit OCD’. Despite 4’s trademark, less than sensitive titles, the programmes themselves give an intimate insight into the realities faced by those who experience mental health problems.

The focus on the series is quite unique; it shows those with mental health problems as talented and capable individuals, which we at Mental Healthy highly commend.

Our editor Charlotte Fantelli took part in ‘Ruby Wax’s Mad Confessions’ and tells us: 'It is a truly inspirational concept, to show the abilities of people with mental health issues and not their disabilities. I found the concept revolutionary and wanted to take part.

Often the media portrays people with mental illness as weak or criminal, but for once we have a series that actually shows us this is not the case. That one in four people suffer with mental illness and that does not exclude those people we see as successful, the rich, the famous, or those in the workplace.

Charlotte says: ‘It's not often successful people show their struggles, so to be someone to stand up and say it's hard sometimes, I hope will help others who are struggling.'

We look forward to the season and reporting on it as the shows air, starting with Ruby Wax’s Mad Confessions, on Monday 23rd July at 10pm on Channel 4.Channel 4 Goes Mad

Read Charlotte Fantelli's experience making the programme on her blog.

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