Natalie Cassidy talks about taking back her violent boyfriend

Natalie Cassidy talks about taking back her violent boyfriend

By Liz Lockhart

Most of us remember Natalie Cassidy for her role as Sonia Jackson in EastEnders although she left the soap in 2007 and has worked extensively on other projects since then.  Natalie has also found success with her fitness  workout programme which she made after her considerable weight loss.

Natalie has recently appeared on This Morning and talked about her relationship with her ex fiance Adam Cottrell.  There was much publicity when they split up last year with reports that Cottrell had been violent.

Natalie and Adam have a 17-month-old daughter Eliza and she says that it was after she allowed Adam visitation with their daughter that she had a change of heart and decided to give their relationship another go.

Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Emma Willis on This Morning, Natalie said ‘Arguments weren’t verbal anymore, they became physical.  We had an argument he took a slipper and hit me.  I’m a strong person but I was humiliated.  I stayed because it takes a while, you feel embarrassed, you don’t want to tell you family members straight away.’

She added ‘But I opened up to friends and family and I was strong enough to get a restraining order, which is hard to do against the father of your child.’

After allowing Cottrell access to see their daughter Natalie decided to drop the restraining order.  She said ‘I wasn’t beaten black and blue.  Adam and drink didn’t mix from the beginning.  It did change and it got worse.  I was permanently on edge for him to have one drink – I put pressure on him.  Many people have partners they don’t like as much when they have a drink.’

It was one particular incident that prompted Natalie to realise that she still had deep feelings for her ex fiance.  She said ‘One Friday, something awful happened – he disappeared, his phone was switched off and what’s he doing?  He’s drunk.’

Adam was discovered some 36 hours later in a garden – very drunk.  He had previously stopped drinking and had a relapse.  He had thought that he could become sober on his own but he couldn’t.

Natalie added ‘After that incident he called me and something turned in my brain and I realised he needs help.  I’d never condone it – but I wasn’t beaten black and blue.  Life is amazing without the constant fear in our lives.’

So Natalie has decided to give Cottrell another chance and is adamant that if he ever fell off the wagon again it would be a big issue.  ‘If anything violent were to happen again it would absolutely be it if he went out and had a drink again I would address it.  I know 100% that if it carries on and he continues doing what he’s doing then I know we’re going to be very happy,’ Natalie concluded.

Whilst everyone deserves a second chance, Natalie should be very watchful and careful.  Many problem drinkers have made these promises and with good intention.  Unfortunately we see, all too often, that these promises get broken along with the spirit and hearts of the people who love them.  Good luck Natalie and Adam, you have a hard road to travel but with love and understanding it is possible to reach the end of your journey. 

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