Relaxation - 10 ways to relax for free

Ten ways to relax for FREE!

In this inspirational article we show that you don’t need money to de-stress with 10 free things to relax you. It is kindly supported by Just Shutters the Biggleswade Plantation Shutters supplier.


You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of a stroll.  Take a look around you as you go taking in the beauty of things that interest you.  Wildlife, architecture, birdsong and flowers are but a few things that may grab your attention as you go.  Remember it’s not the destination that is of the greatest importance - getting there can be just as enjoyable.


This is a very personal topic but I’m sure there is something for everyone.  I love pressing flowers and making pictures from them.  An old book with a heavy weight will do just as well as an expensive flower press.  Listening to the music of your choice on the radio or computer costs nothing and can relax and uplift you.  Painting or playing a musical instrument is another way to unwind.  Even doing puzzles which are downloadable for free on line can take your mind away from stresses.  If there’s something you enjoy making there is always a free or cheap way to accomplish it.  Jumble sales and car boot sales are a great source of really cheap materials and ideas.

Bath time

Take time to luxuriate in your bath.  I’m sure you’ve got some bubbles lying around somewhere.  Really pamper yourself by lighting a few candles in the bathroom.  We’ve all seen it done on the T.V. but few of us take the time to spoil ourselves in the same way.  Wait until the house is quiet- children asleep or husband happily sat in front of a favourite programme on T.V. and really make it your time.


This one sounds obvious – yes we all breathe but do we breathe correctly.  Shallow breathing is typical of anxiety.  Take deep breaths in through your nose, filling your lungs completely then slowly exhale through your mouth as you count from 1 to 8.

Check your posture

Very often when we feel low or stressed our posture changes.  We get niggly headaches and feel tension.  You would be amazed that if we stop and check our posture we will find that our shoulders are up to our ears and tensed right up  Push your chest out and your shoulders down and back.  You will be surprised how much tension this relieves.  It is a good tip to ask a household member to remind you if they notice you tensed up.


Find a quiet place, close your eyes and imagine that there is a hot air balloon in front of you.  Now mentally pop all of your troubles, stresses and worries one by one into the hot air basket.  Now watch the balloon float away taking all these problems with it – keep watching until it disappears from view.


This isn’t the best time of year for gardening but even now there is immense joy and benefit to be gained from even a small window box of herbs.  The miracle of watching nature grow.


Find a relaxing spot and take out a good book.  Get lost in it’s pages and leave your stresses behind.

Physical contact

It’s good to feel loved and safe.  If you have a partner snuggle up and cuddle.  If you don’t a squeeze from a child or friend feels great.  If you have a pet then stroking it is very stress relieving.


Having pleasing surroundings is good for the inner self.  Take a little time to tidy your surroundings then just sit back and enjoy the feeling of space and self-satisfaction.

This was published in issue one of Uncovered magazine.

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