Chewton Glen luxury spa review

Chewton Glen spa review

Editors Pick - By Charlotte Fantelli
I am fortunate enough to have enjoyed a trip to Chewton Glen on a couple of occasions and each time I have had a wonderful experience.   
When a girl dreams of being transported to a place of luxury, pampering and indulgence this is the sort of destination to which her mind wanders.  It really is the ultimate spa experience.
Chewton Glen Hotel has incredible facilities, the food is second to none and the grounds splendid – all you would expect from a hotel with awards and accolades that place it as one of the best in the world. 
The setting and, importantly, the staff are brilliant and treat you like a celebrity (probably because the helipad and price tag means that they are accustomed to the celebrities who grace the hotel!)
The spa itself is very good value for money.  My friend and I tried the Twilight Spa Evening experience for just £80 each.  This allowed us unlimited access to the fabulous pool (pictured), the hydrotherapy pools (also pictured), the gym, the relaxation room, the steam room and sauna, as well as one treatment.
I opted for a manicure, while my friend had a haute couture facial. While the manicure was lovely I opted not to have a polish (included in the price) as I would have had to resist the pools for an hour – a sacrifice I wasn’t prepared to make!  I was told the facial was “divine” and Wendy certainly was glowing and serene afterwards. 
The pools were quiet and calming, the main pool as you can see is simply stunning.  The hydrotherapy pools have something for everyone subtle bubbly ones, to jets and pumps that massage muscles you didn’t even know existed!    
Wendy and I decided to be adventurous and, even though it was midwinter and snow lay on the ground, we ventured into the outdoor jacuzzi!  It was exilarating to say the least!
One thing I noticed, which impressed me no end (I am germ enemy number one!) is that the spa is so clean. 
The steam room and sauna were enjoyable, but quite standard in comparison to the ‘wow’ factor of the other facilities.  The relaxation room is a must; the twinkling LED lights recreating the night sky as your personal headset plays the music you choose... a perfect end to a perfect evening at the spa.
Spa experiences start at £80 for a Twighlight Spa Evening like ours and go up to £220 for a Classic Chewton Glen Spa experience (£250 for a bridal programme) – but the experience is priceless. 

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