Colin Matthews

Our resident psychologist

Although Uncovered works with many great professionals Colin Matthews is our resident psychologist. Having been with us from the start Colin has helped guide and support the publication.

Colin is a psychologist and coach who works with individuals and businesses in order to help them understand how they can develop and improve themselves. He helps people understand the current choices they make, identify what obstacles they put in the way of achieving more, recognise what other possibilities there might be and, going forward, align their choices with what they want to achieve in life and in business. He is a chartered member of the British Psychological Society and a founder member of the Special Group in Coaching.

Each issue in Uncovered Magazine Colin helps with different issues dealing with psychology. He has so far lead us through 'Depression - an 11 page special', 'Anxiety - an 11 page special', 'Grief - Steps to Freedom', 'Tranquilliser addiction - Steps to Freedom', and in issue three Colin talks about 'Finding our true self'.

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