Why might women consider abortion?

Why might women consider abortion?

By Julia Acott - CareConfidential

Common thoughts are ‘It will put life back under control’ or ‘I have no choice’. The shock of an unplanned pregnancy can create feelings of being trapped, and fears of potential loss of education, job, relationship, hope and dreams. There may be financial pressures or panic around what others will think, and the often mistaken belief is that by having an abortion then life can be under control again.

'I personally feel it would benefit people to have a time interval of at least a few days before final decisions are made, during which time they may have the opportunity to explore their decision-making with a sympathetic and unbiased counsellor, to ensure they have made their choice with complete confidence and know how to access the relevant support.' Says Julia Acott from CareConfidential.

I am not convinced that this sensitive counsel is widely offered in counselling and psychotherapy today, perhaps because the need for it is not recognised, and perhaps because abortion can still be a taboo subject.

At CareConfidential we offer time and space in a safe and confidential environment to give women (and their partners) opportunity to consider all their options, ie: keeping the baby, abortion, fostering or adoption.

By exploring each option women can be sure to decide which choice is right for them. A good question we ask is: Are you comfortable with your decision?” 

The decision is an enormous one, whichever choice is made, and one that can have lifelong implications. 

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