Further help and information for those considering abortion

Further help and information for those considering abortion

By Charlotte Fantelli

I am sure we can all google abortion clinics or pro-choice/pro-life websites, so what we offer here are resources we have found to be unbiased and incredibly useful for those in need of help and the facts without being bombarded with opinion.

Your GP

If you find out you are pregnant it is important you contact your GP as soon as possible. If you are considering termination you should let them know this as soon as possible as the longer a pregnancy continues the harder the options become.

Advise the doctor if you are unsure what to do and ask to be referred to your local pregnancy crisis centre for counselling. This should be done very quickly, you can also search CareConfidential’s website to find your local centre. These should be impartial.


Netdoctor offers a myriad of abortion articles, and we have found their forums to be a very good place to read about other real experiences from women who have experienced abortion  themselves, and interact and ask questions. There always seem to be many members online. 


Or go to Netdoctor.co.uk and search ‘abortion forums’.


Free confidential counselling, support, help and advice if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or have post-abortion concerns. Abortion information and abortion facts are available.


CareConfidential Helpline: 

0800 028 2228

CareConfidential pregnancy and post-abortion helpline is available to anyone in the UK regardless of their age, beliefs, background, gender or circumstances. They provide information, advice and support if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, if you are concerned after an abortion or have experienced baby loss. All advisors are trained and experienced in counselling women and their partners facing these situations.


Abortion information

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