Abortion - real life experiences

Abortion - real life experiences

Some thoughts, feelings and opinions of others facing an unplanned pregnancy and their response to it.

“Fear and confusion rushed over me, how could this happen? I felt so stupid. At 35 I was hardly a kid, but the fear I felt was just as real as if I had been.” - H Smith

“The second I found out I was pregnant it was as if my back was against a wall, abortion was my only way out, if it was not legal then I would have died trying, thank goodness we live in a country where it is legal.” - F Jones

On 7th July 2010 I had a termination. I had found the decision to have a termination difficult but I could never have imagined the strength of the painful feelings I felt after the operation. I had given myself for some 'downtime' and the possibility of feeling remorse after the operation, but nothing could have prepared me for the total and utter devastation I felt in my body, heart and soul after the procedure was completed.

I had never heard of PAS (Post Abortion Stress) before and was unprepared for the effect it can have on you. I sat in a graveyard the day after my termination and for the first time in my life felt on the edge of life itself. Upon walking from the graveyard, desperately upset, I passed a child in a pram outside the local shop. It took all my strength not to pick the child up out of its pram and take it home with me. I had such a powerful need to replace the child that I had just terminated. The reality set in. I had not simply 'hoovered' out a bundle of cells. I had taken the decision to terminate the life of my baby. - Jen (Taken from an Amazon book review - A Season to Heal: Help and Hope for Those Working Through Post-abortion Stress)

“I regret my abortion, and I wish I could go in the past and have taken the risk, no  matter what...” - S Gauld

“I saw abortion as an acceptable thing, my mum had had two, my sister had two. It was too late by the time I realised I was not    ‘alright’ with it. I will never be the same, I have lived with the pain every day for eight years and will take it to my grave – for what? A stupid night of unprotected sex!” - Faye Thomas

“My girlfriend and I were 18, we thought we knew it all and were ready for a kid. It still shook us both when we found out we were expecting. I was happy and we’d even picked names – then one day behind my back she had an abortion. I understand a woman’s right to choose, but what about me? It was my baby too – where are my rights?” - Steve O’Connor

“It is my body, it is my choice. I had an abortion and yes, of course it wasn’t ideal but I don’t regret it at all, it gave me chance to live my life and do things the way I actually want in the future.” -S Westwood

“I’m facing being a single mum. I’ve had to give up a lot but I believe a child is a blessing, it’s not right to take its life. I’m not being righteous, I’m dropping out of uni with an unplanned kid! But I’m determined to make it work and that is my choice!” - Pippa Cunningham

“I gave up my baby for adoption. It was the hardest thing ever, but I live knowing she is loved and has a good chance in life.” - Heather Small

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