Demi Lovato inspires troubled generation as she hits number 1

Demi Lovato inspires once again

By Charlotte Fantelli

For those of you who haven't already figured it out Demi Lovato is adored by us here at mental healthy, why? She is a strong, hugely talented individual, who has openly discussed her mental health issues, addictions and struggle with eating disorders, yet she remains incredibly grounded and faces her difficulties with strength, wisdom and resolve.

I find it so refreshing that she reflects her troubles to her fans in this way, communicating her problems and not being afraid to ask for help or to take 'time out' and prioritise her wellbeing.

We are so pleased to report the incredible comeback of our favourite starlet, who looked calm, collected and incredibly healthy on an interview with 'Good Morning America' this week, has now reached new heights. Her album aptly entitled 'Unbroken' hit number 1 spot on iTunes within just 55 minutes!!!

She really has captured the heart of the world and it is so great to see that the world has embraced her openness and honesty; many of you have communicated with me on Twitter and Facebook saying she has truly inspired you with her story and music.

In this heartwarming 'come back' video to fans (below) Demi discusses her time out, her problems and what her support network has meant to her.

As she commented in our last story about her a few months ago "I'm going to mess up and I'm not going to be perfect, but as long as I try everyday to get better and better myself, then I'm one step ahead of where I was before." And it is this attitude that will see her right if she feels the pressure build as her career continues.

Stardom thrust upon those so young can be a blessing, but very often the huge pressures and scrutiny can also bring a heavy burden; remember Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Winona Ryder? We just hope that as she returns, with the spotlight glowing brighter than ever she has the support that she needs to continue being the role model she is.

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