GMC to examine ‘praying with patients’ case

GMC to examine ‘praying with patients’ case

By Liz Lockhart

The part that spiritual faith plays in a patient’s recovery has been debated several times by Mental Healthy.  Figures show that it is a subject that proves to be very popular with our readers.  One such report entitled ‘mental health professionals should integrate patients’ spiritual beliefs’ was read by many and perhaps could enlighten the GMC prior to a probe into the case of Dr. Richard Scott.

It was some months ago that I highlighted the controversy surrounding Dr. Scott in an article called ‘Does faith have a role in recovery?’  Next week Dr. Scott will stand before the GMC’s Investigation Committee as it launches a probe into allegations that he distressed a patient by making an ‘inappropriate expression of religious beliefs during a consultation’.

In a report in Pulse it is stated that Dr. Scott has indicated that he is not prepared to accept a warning as proposed by GMC Case Examiners and has elected to have his case heard by the Investigation Committee at an oral hearing.

In an exclusive interview with Pulse last month, Niall Dickson, GMC chief executive said that the regulator will review its guidance on praying with patients as part of a review of ‘Good Medical Practice’.  Mr. Dickson urged doctors to use their professional judgement in determining when religion is appropriate to be discussed with patients.

In the meantime we can but pray for Dr. Scott and we will let you know the outcome when it becomes available. 

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