Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton won’t let eating disorder stop them having a baby

Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton won’t let eating disorder stop them having a baby

Liz Lockhart

Watching Alex Reid interviewed on ‘Lorraine’ this morning it was obvious to see how much in love he is with Chantelle Houghton. 

Mental Healthy reported on Chantelle’s battle with eating disorders and fertility problems just weeks ago – see Katie Price, Chantelle Houghton; celebrities and eating disorders and are now happy to inform you that despite our previous report, the pair are not going to let that stop them trying for a baby.

Kate Garraway (standing in for Lorraine) didn’t have to push Alex too hard for him to admit that he is very much in love with Chantelle.  Speculation over their relationship has been rife since Alex split from his wife, Katie Price.

The couple were first spotted together in May whilst Alex was in the process of divorce from Katie and Chantelle was reported to be recovering from the break-up of her relationship with Rav Wilding.

The press has used headlines such as ‘showmance’ to describe Alex and Chantelle’s relationship but it seems that they are now committed to each other: He said that Chantelle had woken him up this morning and he grinned as he told Kate Garraway that he is 'very much in love with her'. 

Talking about Chantelle's battle with eating disorders Alex said that the story was originally leaked but they have had to deal with it. As we reported previously, we believe that Chantelle's honest and accurate depiction brought to light the reality of the condition.

Kate pressed him about the news that Chantelle was left with fertility problems after years of battling eating disorders and in response Alex simply said that they wanted children and that they would find a way to have them.  

Mental Healthy would like to wish them all the best with overcoming this hurdle to live the family life they desire, we do though very much hope that the foundations of a long lasting relationship are there before the pair start trying to become three.  

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