Darts superstar James Wade tormented by depression

Darts superstar James Wade tormented by depression

By William Smith

Darts superstar James Wade has revealed he is tormented by depression that has left him wishing he was dead according to The Sun.

Brave James was back playing in the Premier League live on TV just weeks after booking himself into The Priory Clinic.  He had been placed on suicide watch whilst in the clinic.

James, 28, who is the World No. 4 darts player, said: ‘On my birthday a year ago I stayed in bed all day and cried – I wanted to have a heart attack, I wanted to die.’

‘My life and mental condition was a rollercoaster and my ability to compete at darts suffered.’

‘I always knew from even when I was 11 or 12 years old that I was different.’

‘I had a very different outlook on life to other kids and I remember even asking my mum and dad if I was disabled mentally.’

‘I just always have had crazy mood swings.  One minute I’d be hyper-happy, the next I wanted to die.’

James’ stay in The Priory lasted 28 days and during this stay he was diagnosed with clinical depression, bipolar disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The torment of depression is something that James now feels better able to cope with.  James said ‘I’m more consistent and in control of my moods.  The pressure of darts, family all gets to me.  But I’ve learned to deal with it better and not make slight setbacks seem like the end of the world.’

After some quite traumatic professional and life events James hit a crisis point. ‘It was the final straw.  I needed help.  I’d seen a psychiatrist from time to time but I knew I needed 24 hour attention.’

On admission to The Priory James was asked if he might kill himself.

He said ‘I replied, ‘I’d like to but I don’t know if I have the bottle to do it’.’

‘They placed me on suicide amber watch and admitted me immediately.  The Priory is a very intense place.  There are no glass mirrors, no radiators and no curtain strings or anything remotely you could use to hand or kill yourself.’

James admits that every day is still a battle but that the time he spent in the clinic worked wonders.

He added ‘I’m the happiest now that I’ve ever been, including as a kid.’

‘I still have my moments and I still fear going back to the dark old days.  But I’m getting there.’

James Wade is a very brave man.  His courage to seek the help he needs and then to be so open about his condition is inspirational.  His words and actions are an example to us all.

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