Award Winning Jason Pegler of Chipmunkapublishing

Award Winning Jason Pegler of Chipmunkapublishing

Our series, looking at the incredible Mental Healthy Award Winners and their inspiring work, today takes a look at the work of Jason Pegler and Chipmunkapublishing.

By Liz Lockhart

Jason Pegler is the owner and CEO of Chipmunkapublishing.  Jason tells us that he was born in 1975 and that he has been out of psychiatric wards since June 2002, adding that he has also been free of medication since 2005. 

Jason is the author of seven books which include the Home Study Course - ‘Unlimited Confidence’ and ‘A Can of Madness’.  He describes Unlimited Confidence as a book which smashes the fear of mental illness and ‘A Can of Madness’ as a memoir about the experience of having a diagnosis of manic-depression.

In 2002 Jason set up Chipmunkapublishing which, he tells us, quickly became a social phenomenon helping thousands of people with mental health problems worldwide.  Chipmunkapublishing aids a new generation of mental health sufferers to now force the world to listen to their plight, therefore accommodating them in a humane manner. This is achieved through the publication of their written works.

As Chipmunkapublishing has grown it has reached out to carers, medical professionals, the media, politicians, celebrities and society as a whole.  The vision of Chipmunkapublishing illustrates that we are in a transitional period in history where mental health will essentially be ‘normalised’ and broken down as a taboo.  Jason says that this is inevitable in a world where mental health suffering is on the increase.  He adds that as global communication improves in the consumerist generation of the 21st century it is inevitable that we all be more sensitive to the mental health of others.  Chipmunkapublishing is a social enterprise that drives its resources back into the community.

Jason’s vision of the future is to reduce the humiliation that people with ‘mental illness’ feel.  This can be achieved by giving people with mental illness a voice which gives them the opportunity to lead better lives and inspire others going through similar experiences.

Jason says that at Chipmunka they are dedicated to unearthing new talent and helping those who may have gone unheard to tell their stories.  Jason’s own vision for the future is to continue with the mission which has been growing for ten years now.  Chipmunka has authors all around the world and has every intention of continuing to grow for the next ten year.

When asked about how he felt about winning the Mental Healthy Hero Award, Jason said ‘Winning an award is always fantastic.  But when you see the other candidates and winners of the Mental Healthy Hero Awards it really does make it all the more special.  Achievements like this really do give me and the rest of the Chipmunka team the strength to continue with our mission.’

Visit their website: Chipmunka

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