Help on hand to keep New Year resolutions

Help on hand to keep New Year resolutions

It’s that time of year again.  Many of us make resolutions every January which are often unrealistic and sometimes we just can’t be bothered to keep them.  This can lead to stress as we mentally chide ourselves over breaking them.

The Mental Health Foundation has launched two new podcasts which focus on the most popular New Year’s resolutions and benefiting people’s mental health in the hope that they can help us stick to them.

The first podcast takes a look at why exercise makes us feel good and also provides many useful tips on how to start exercising more.  The second podcast examines the link between diet and mental health and explains how small changes in eating habits can not only improve our over physical wellbeing but also our mental health.

The Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation, Dr Andrew McCulloch, says ‘Many people find it difficult to stick to their New Year resolutions and set themselves up for a failure by trying for unrealistic goals.  Healthy eating and regular exercise have a real impact on our mental and physical health and we hope that the useful tips and small changes suggested in our podcasts provide people with the help they need to achieve their resolutions for a mentally healthy 2012.’

You can download the two free podcasts here.

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