Sex on holiday

Sex and Your Travels: What to Take With You

It's no secret – whether you're jetting off to Thailand for your gap year, or taking a week's break with some friends on a Greek island, many young people see sex as a likelihood when they're on holiday. It might be the aphrodisiacs in the local cuisine, the contents of the local wine or the carefree feeling of finally taking some time off work – for some reason, sex and holidays go together like blackjack and casinos.

For those who are careful, there's nothing wrong with a bit of intimacy on holiday. For an unlucky few however, sex can sometimes lead to complications. Here, we take a look at several things to take away with you to reduce the chance of running into difficulties during your time away.


It doesn't matter whether you're at home or abroad, using protection is an essential part of sex. Whether it's the heat of the moment or the lingering effects of that last cocktail, there can often be distractions on holiday that are responsible for the absence of a condom.

Ensuring that you've got some condoms to hand, should they become necessary, can reduce the chance of going home with more than you'd expected. Depending on where you're going on holiday, you might find it harder to source protection than at home. You can't be too prepared, so be sure to pack all that you need.

Cystitis relief

Cystitis is common in women at home or on holiday but contracting the infection during your time abroad can have an impact on the enjoyment of your holiday. A holiday passion may lead to an absence of mind which makes infection more likely. Understanding cystitis and having some relief on hand can be a great help in reducing its impact on your time away.

Grooming tools

Going away on holiday is a great excuse to relax your normal routine and generally let your hair down. Having said this, it can be just as important to follow your normal grooming patterns, particularly if you're hitting the town. Razors and other sharp objects may not be permitted if taking a flight, so make sure you pick up disposal options at your destination to stay looking sharp, or wax before you leave.

Just as important as looking good is smelling good. A change in climate can sometimes lead us to sweat more than usual. With this in mind, it can be a good idea to pack a bit more deodorant than you might normally require. A holiday might also be a nice opportunity to treat yourself to a new splash of perfume – it could, after all, be the perfect opportunity to test its luring powers!

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