Is Laser Eye Surgery for Everyone?

Is Laser Eye Surgery for Everyone?

For those who have had to endure a lifetime of changing prescriptions and regular check-ups, laser eye treatment probably seems like a very attractive option if you want your eyesight corrected once and for all.

With technology always being improved by the likes of Optimax laser eye surgery is getting safer and more popular every year, but there are associated risks. Complications are rare but can sometimes occur, and not everyone is a suitable candidate to begin with.

It’s important to consider the potential benefits offered by this treatment, and whether it suits your requirements. At the end of the day, there are several factors you should consider.

Are you healthy enough for laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery will not be suitable for everyone. If you suffer from certain conditions or ailments, it could prevent you from being able to have the surgery. For instance, diabetes, eye infections, dry eyes and having larger-than-usual pupils all involve certain complications with the surgery.

You also shouldn’t have the surgery if you’re pregnant or partially blind. The same applies to those who suffer from glaucoma. You should talk to your surgeon beforehand to make sure that you’re a suitable candidate.

Make sure you know what the risks are

Laser eye surgery is a very attractive option to many because it could potentially end your eyesight problems in a very short, one-off procedure, doing away with the need for glasses or contact lenses forever.

Like all other types of surgery, there are risks involved, which can for instance include dry, irritable eyes and interference with the part of the eye that is responsible for tear production. It’s important to note however, that the risks are slim and that laser eye surgery is a very safe procedure - so don’t let the risks put you off before speaking to an expert.

The first consideration is whether you’re suitable.

Explore alternatives

Laser eye surgery doesn’t have to be the ultimate solution to your needs. If you want to get rid of your glasses because you play a lot of sports, for instance, you could opt for wearing contact lenses.

Comparing the options, laser eye surgery is a significant one-off cost, so depending on your circumstances, you may choose to stick with frames or contacts.

However, the younger you are, the more economical surgery is as an option, as you will avoid the accumulated costs associated with contact lenses over time.

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