Larder Louts an Introduction

Larder Louts Introduction

Little Swaps Big Difference - By Kumud Gandhi

Are you stuck in a rut with food? Do you always use the same ingredients, never quite sure whether you’re getting the best nutritional value? The weekly meal plan can become a bit of a routine and habit forming, which is easily done with busy work schedules and fussy eaters around the table who don’t like to venture out of their comfort zone. However, if you’re not careful you maybe missing out on some essential food groups that contain important vitamins and mineral.

   Food plays such an important role in our overall physical and mental well

being and it’s often very easy to overlook the importance of food to a fully active and balanced brain. The brain, above all other organs, is affected for better or worse by what we eat; therefore our diet will be the single biggest influence on our ability to receive and digest information and act on it. A calm and nourished brain makes better decisions than a frazzled one. Minor lapses in concentration, energy levels and vitality are, by and large, attributed to the slow down of nutrients to the brain. Yet all too often we either dismiss the cause or reach for something that gives an instant emotional fix i.e. a biscuit or chocolate bar but which has very little nutrition value.

   The brain and the nervous system are entirely responsible for our emotional responses and although at times we may feel physically strong we may not always be able to cope with demanding and complex emotional issue we face in a modern society. This is where diet and key nutrients are vitally important. By swapping out a few simple ingredients we can change our emotional and physical well being instantly. See our Larder Louts section to see some great ideas for swaps.

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