Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

By Neil Johnson

Spring represents growth and renewal in nature so it’s only right that our bodies might need a little help in stretching out from the deep dark winter and being prepared for more active, brighter spring days.

Neil Johnson, fitness expert and Senior Personal Trainer at London’s exclusive Chelsea Club helps us move from winter to spring with his simple exercise and wellbeing tips:

Spring time is Detox time

Although most people detox in January, spring is actually a better time to cleanse the body and remove toxins to support our immune system through the seasonal change. Simple ways to do this include looking at your diet. Don’t attempt a drastic diet as it is impossible to maintain, instead try to eat more fruit and vegetables as well as switching to whole wheat options. Foods to avoid are those with a lot of dairy, processed foods and excess caffeine.

Shower Power

The best way to wake yourself up in the morning and make the most of milder spring days is by taking a cool shower as soon as you get up – remember ‘cool’ not ‘cold’, you don’t want to shock your system! Showering, in general, makes us feel clean, healthy and fresh, and in turn this will make us feel energised. If you don't have time to shower in the morning, splash cold water on your face when you first wake. Cold water is great for tightening skin too.

Have a morning stretch

Roll out your body each morning to flex the muscles and awaken the body. Stretches can even be done in bed as soon as you awake, if you can’t quite manage to get up straight away. Try slowly rolling out each limb to a fully stretched position one by one.

Don’t underestimate the power of water

Water revives the body from a dehydrated state and aids the flushing out of toxins. It is important to be drinking water throughout the day so aim to be drinking at least 1.5litres of water each day.

Get exercising

By spring, New Year Resolutions are usually a distant memory. If your New Year resolution was to exercise more, get fitter or lose weight then now is the time to start again. The warmer and longer days have a huge influence on exercising. It is much more enjoyable to go walking or running outside in spring than it is in winter so no excuses now!

Control your allergies

When your immune system is overworked and feeling weak, allergies are more prominent. Pollen, dust and dirt, with a tired immune system cause your body to launch inflammatory responses. Your body makes itself sneeze, cough and itch in an attempt to fight back. The best way to protect your immune system is by reducing stress levels. Exercise more to release endorphins and avoid demanding situations.

Neil Johnson is a Senior Personal Trainer at The Chelsea Club. For more information or membership details please call The Chelsea Club on 0871 223 1224 or visit www.thechelseaclub.com

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