The importance of hydration

Water Fountains: Giving the Gift of Life

The importance of hydration

Adequate hydration is an incredibly important and often a much overlooked part of good mental and physical health.

Water is absolutely essential to every living organism on the planet. Without this vital substance, life would have never blossomed and likewise, if we do not drink enough water , adverse effects will result in a short period of time. Let us examine some of the lesser-known yet extremely important advantages that drinking adequate amounts of water can provide.

Elimination of Toxins

It is important to recall that our bodies are made up of nearly 60% water, and our brains a staggering 70%. Nutrients travel to and from our cells and organs via this "water pathway" and toxic substances are similarly removed. Drinking adequate amounts of water from pure sources such as water fountains and filtered or boiled water, helps expedite the process of removing harmful toxins from our bodies. This will contribute to an overall healthier disposition, as any toxins or foreign bodies that are not removed can cause damage in both the short and long-term.

Maintaining Adequate Hydration

Another distinct advantage that water provides is the ability for us to retain sufficient amounts of water in our system. While this s most commonly spoken of amongst athletes or other sportsmen and women, it is just as important for the average individual. Even a small imbalance in the amount of water in our bodies can result in lessened kidney function, digestive problems, muscles that are more prone to injury and even prematurely aged skin. Although these effects may be lesser-known than the immediate effects of dehydration, over time they can cause damage to our bodies.

Impaired Thinking

One fundamental importance of water is to keep our brains adequately hydrated. Although this organ represents no more than 1/50th of our body weight, it utilises 1/20th of the body's supply of water and blood. Should we not drink enough water, the brain itself can suffer. The results can be a headache due to the literal shrinking of the tissue (much like a sponge when dried out), migraines and impaired levels of thinking (as the cells are not performing at optimum levels). Thus, water is absolutely critical in schools and universities where a great deal of studying will take place. It is for this reason that many such institution provide numerous water fountains across campus to allow students to hydrate themselves whenever necessary.

Keeping adequately hydrated is an important part of overall heath but especially important in those with medical conditions and mental illness. Even a small amount of dehydration can exacerbate underlying conditions. For the best possible performance Mental Healthy recommends you drink 8 glasses of fluid a day and at least 5 should be pure water.

These are but a handful of reasons why water is without a doubt the most essential substance on the planet. Water fountains and other public supplies of fresh water truly give the gift of life.

Keep Hydrated:

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