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What comes first - bullying and then depression or the other way round?
Being in a loving relationship, eating chocolate and a glass of wine are all potentially good for your physical and mental wellbeing
Increasing numbers of people are failing to been seen promptly in A & E
Study suggests that current U.S. guidelines for the amount of sleep required for high school students is inaccurate
On the eve of Valentine’s Day it is worth considering how mental health can affect a romantic relationship
The effectiveness of Omega 3 for treating psychiatric symptoms is now being studied
Last weekend saw the launch of a new nationwide campaign to expose the dangers of drinking slightly over the lower-risk alcohol guidelines
It has been found that there is a strong link between reported physical abuse and multiple psychosomatic symptoms
Adolescence can be a very important time in building a child’s self-esteem and parents can use this Valentine period to discuss dating and relationships
Mental health conditions go undetected where they co-exist with long-term physical health conditions
Researchers find that people who hare more physically active have elevated levels of enthusiasm and excitement than less active people
A broken heart is an actual medical condition which occurs during highly stressful or emotional times
If you’re one of the 1 in 4, then you’ll know how debilitating depression can be
A new study has reported disturbing data relating to child abuse in America
Activities which involve interaction with technology could be harder to resist than drinking or smoking
Why is the burden of the mental health welfare of our war veterans falling to charities?
The number of data handling breaches across the health service is spiralling
Study suggests that people with low self-esteem make more negative posts on Facebook which makes them less popular
When in the presence of attractive women, men are on their best behaviour
Divorce later in life holds less damage to people's health than it does for younger people
Could blood tests be the way forward in the diagnosis of depression?
Royal College says competition also welcome if in best interests of patients
A new report has called for the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) Code of Practice to be revised
Prejudices are cultivated from early childhood by everyone according to the study
Fifteen girls from the same New York high school have all been struck by a mysterious Tourette’s-type illness
Mental Healthy investigates how patients are allocated to teams
Many debates have raged over whether the drugs used to treat mental health disorders are effective
The coroner has found that Speed was not suffering from depression, stress or any form of mental health disorder
Those who continue using hard drugs into their 50s are five times more likely to die earlier than those who do not
Samaritans warn men 3 times more at risk than women
Call for neurologists to start to screen their patients for abuse and violence from family members, care providers or others
It would seem that men and those with only secondary education are most at risk of developing mild cognitive impairment (MCI)
Having a best friend around directly affects children going through negative experiences
Changes to DSM could result in false-negative diagnose for patients with personality disorders
For those who are working 11 or more hours a day, the risk of a major depressive episode is more than double
Kit Johnsonn has suffered from Bi Polar for 45 years now and yields to no man in his decision to deal with it through humour
Postpartum Depression (also known as Postnatal Depression) Awareness month, raising new concerns that the post-birth mental illness is a serious threat to women's health
Actor Brad Pitt has admitted to have battled depression at the start of his Hollywood acting career
Marijuana has very different effects on people’s behaviour; producing anxiety and paranoia in some, and a mellow calm in others.
A researcher at the University of Brighton hopes to look at how a BPD diagnosis affects the way in which the recipient views themselves