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An article reports that there is strong evidence that eating berries is great for the brain and helps prevent age-related memory loss
Playground bullies are more likely to use alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes says new report
Smokers and the obese hit by a battery of new restriction which limit their access to treatment unless they change their lifestyles
Women like their men to show emotional engagement whilst men need to see their partner happy
Meanwhile statistics for violence by mental ill at all-time low
Peer behind IAPT giving lecture to LSE today
Study suggests it is ward staff and not patients who influence conflict and containment on psychiatric wards
Hottest up-and-coming names in pop/rock get together in the aid of mental health
Research suggests that for poor sleepers, stress leads to a significantly larger increase in a marker of inflammation
A Pulse survey reveals that the call for change on the use of antipsychotics for dementia patients has gone unheeded
Link found between better cognitive performance and mood with the use of rosemary essential oil
New light is being shed on the source of memory loss in connection with marijuana by researchers in Canada and France
Psychiatrists are linking depression with resistance to infection as an evolutionary means of survival
A recent paper suggests that when stressed, people tend to dwell on positive outcomes and ignore the negatives
New research is taking a look at the possible link between attention disorders and environmental factors
A readers account of the changing attitudes towards her after being diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression
Yale study finds that training parents can help autistic children who also have behavioural problems
Nick Clegg announces £22m will be spent on pioneering programme for children with mental health disorders
Study shows that young people do not have the knowledge and skills required to adhere to government guidelines
A recent paper suggests that physical pain and emothinal pain have a strong connection
New research has important implications surrounding the understanding and treatment of anxiety disorders
Study shows that phobics see the object of their dread as being larger than it really is
Positive psychology, aka the science of happiness, has tested a number of interventions that build positivity and well-being
Cynthia Bower quits her roole as Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission
Anticipation can be useful but if we feel threatened by future events it can cause later-life problems
Safeguarding Adult Boards to protect vulnerable adults are being paralysed by people covering their own backs
A new study explains some of the negative effects of dehydration on our mental, mood and cognitive state
Natalie Cassidy has recently appeared on This Morning and talked about her relationship with her ex fiance Adam Cottrell
Study shows that during a period of economic downturn, work-related stress increases by 40%
One of Britain’s top medical centres suggests that meditation can halve the chance of relapse from anxiety and depression
Several mental health disorders may be helped by the presence of green spaces
Research suggests that being a part of a weight loss team can improve motivation and outcome
Your memory could be affected in later life by the amount of quality sleep you get now
Varenicline, used to help people stop smoking, may also be useful to those who want to stop drinking alcohol
An event has been arranged on the Isle of Man which offers help and hope to those suffering from eating disorders
With symptons such as panic attacks, insomnia and psychosomatic illness, 'divorce stress syndrome' is akin to PTSD
An article outlines the difficulty of categorising mental disorders, in particular depression and anxiety
Canadian study suggests that the consumption of cannabis within three hours of driving nearly doubles the risk of a vehicle collision
Survivors of natural disasters not only experience high levels of stress and anxiety but that they also face intellectual challenges.
Chronic exposure to particulate air pollution may accelerate cognitive decline in older adults according to a study