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With stress now being the number one cause of employee absence from work is it time that insurance provides cover for mental health treatment
Using the DCS scale can spot the point at which negative thoughts turn into the symptoms of depression
Psychological stress can lead to physical disease as a result of it's impact on the inflammatory response
Research conducted by the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse finds that the number of crimes committed by known drug offenders fell after treatment
Why do some suffer from PTSD whilst others who have experienced the same traumatic situation come through unscathed?
Research confirms the link between fast food and commercial baked goods with depression
Many emergency call takers report symptoms of severe stress and some are diagnosed with PTSD
Doctors and nurses will now be able to tailor services for their patients and patients will have more choice on how they are treated
Puzzles designed to evoke memories for those who suffer from dementia and their carers
Watching a tearjerk actually makes people feel happier according to a new study
Study pin-points ten signs of delayed development which could lead to autism spectrum disorder
Online romance scams are a new form of cyber-crime and often go unreported due to embarrassment
Website launched by NHS South West to provide information for dementia and stroke patients, carers and professionals
Blogging plaltform has made a move to ban all content relating to eating disorders, self-harm and suicide from their platform
If a mother is exposed to a class of air pollutants during pregnancy it can lead to behavioural problems in their child
England is one of the first countries in the world to have a National Dementia Strategy
Study suggests that post-adoption depression may arise from unrealistic expectations and fatigue
Study finds an 80% higher risk of depression in people of working age who live alone
With hospital admissions rising and alcohol-related deaths on the increase a new initiative is introduced to counter this trend
Many people who suffer from poor mental health also suffer from migraine headaches so here we explore the causes and effect
Study gives hope for new treatments for both conditions
Israel bans the idealisation of underweight or 'skinny' models
Study suggests that the diagnosis of ADHD in American children has risen by 66%
Award winning jeweller designs anniversary ring for SANE
Mental health organisations welcome Government's decision to retain the mental health amendment in the Health and Social Care Bill
Online gambling may lead to addiction especially when it comes to young people
Research study suggests that Facebook offers a gateway for hundreds of shallow relationships and emotionally detatched communication
Researchers find brain activity linked to caring for infants and others
Study finds differences in brain network functions in the children of parents with schizophrenia
Trust hopes others will follow its example nationwide
iWantGreatCare is a free service where you can find the best healthcare providers and give anonymous feedback on your care
Study finds that police officers can recall less detail of an incident if they have been involved in physical exertion
Study into the use of lithium salt as a treatment for bipolar disorder holds hope for better future treatments
Study suggests that with age comes improved mental health despite physical decline
Study shows that 10-12 year-olds are ambivalent about smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol
A new guide to help understand and explain autism is now available
New study suggests that a single gene could be responsible for male agression when stressed
Positive personality change can lead to a greater sense of happiness
Study shows how stress affects memory and can cause other mental health disorders