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Children in both the UK and the US share certain risk factors that increase the chances of developing behavioural problems
Some men respond socially to stressful situations
Children who have attention problems are three times more likely to experience socio-economic disadvantage in adulthood
SANE's Virtual Black Dog needs you!
Charity took 40,000 emails or phone calls in April 2011-12
News of the trial of parenting classes is welcomed by the Mental Health Foundation
United Response shows us how benefit cuts will affect the most vulnerable
Dementia Awareness campaign
The impact that helping others has on people’s mental health and wellbeing
Irish study suggests that young peoplle who overuse alcohol are at far greater risk of depression, anxiety and stress
Stephen Fry is backing the Scottish Association for Mental Health's Know Where to Go campaign
Government pledges to ensure a named midwife to oversee care during and after pregnancy
Study shows that the reward circuits of the brain are sensitised in anorexic women whilst in obese women they are desensitised
Research suggests that clinical depression can benefit from a walk in natural surroundings or even in urban settings
A health initiative has been launched by international fashion publication Vogue
Whilst short-term sick leave remains the same, long-term absence rises with anxiety, stress and depression the main cause
Our series of Mental Healthy Award Winers today takes a look at the work of the late Dr Amanda Caine
Warning from Family Action that financial pressure and lack of services could create another troubled generation
Experts say that self-worth needs to go further than just appearance
Win the opportunity to see Judith Owen singing live and read about her inspirational life and work
Report in Psychiatric Services shows Mind/Rethink/Comic Relief campaign already changing attitudes
Researchers have identified a genetic variant which could predict PND and hope a blood test could predict the risks
NHS staff survey shows trust in worst 10 per cent of country in some categories
Research suggests that more pain killers are being prescribed with a peak risk of misuse occuring at age 16
A reader explains why she remained in a violent relationship hoping to help others to leave
Our Award Winners Series takes at look at the life and work of Jason Pegler of Chipmunkapublishing
UK study suggests that we base our perception of our own depression on the way those around us feel
We feature Kayla Kavanagh in our series of Mental Healthy Award Winners and take a look at her inspirational life and work
Researchers examine the positive aspects of bipolar disorder
Not having to constantly check emails brings less stress to office workers according to new study
Mental Healthy award winner talks body image
Teachers mental health at risk as abuse incidents increase
Omega 3 may be associated with lower levels of a protein related to Alzheimer's disease
Nearly 150 mental health patients have absconded from units in the Suffolk
Mental Health Commission of Canada, Shaw Trust and Mind's guides for employers on staff wellbeing
Acclaimed author walking from John O'Groats to Lands End to raise funds for the Forgiveness Project
Liverpool and Maastricht University study finds severe childhood trauma increases risk of schizophrenia threefold
Limelight aims to raise awareness through colour
New 007 movie to depict a psychologically troubled Bond