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It's already well-established that severe mental illness can take up to 20 years off your lifespan
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smokers with ADHD have a much-increased risk of developing substance misuse problems
The Government has published the mental health implementation framework
Former depression sufferer 'pays back' with charity jewellery
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Channel 4 season of programmes exploring mental health starts on Monday
Sharp fall in the prescribing of antipsychotics for dementia
Study suggests that people who seek health information on the internet do so out of a desire to be better informed and not through GP mistrust
The general public has grave concerns over the future of the National Health Service, according to a new survey
Being optimistic is an important strategy for living a happy old age
Time to consider the unnacceptable risks of leaving suicidal people in the community
Royal College of Psychiatrists announce guidance to improve the mental health of the victims of violence
Specsavers specialists are welcoming and professional and will do all they can to make you feel at ease
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Intensive parenting styles can lead to elevated levels of stress and depression
Green space is good for your mental health - Love Park Week offers events to interest everyone
Stop with the Smartphone and start living life!
The use of CBT in conjunction with a transdiagnostic approach is the most effective treatment for anxiety disorders, according to a new study
Physical discipline linked with mental ill-health
Drug known as "mother's little helper" being counterfeited in Scotland
Experts in mental illness on hand to assess poeple coming into custody
Laws surrounding child abuse and domestic violence reviewed
Expert psychologist explains the grieving process
The facts behind the latest discovery
Study leads the way for vitamin D testing in depressed patients
Research in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry asks why placebos are so effective in modern clinical trials
The first National Bipolar Awareness Day
SANE’s Black Dog campaign continues to raise awareness and inspire.
A real life account of a man who battled and overcame pornography addiction
What is porn addiction? A guide to causes and treatment
Short documentary explores the incredible life of Kim Noble
The 5th Appearance Matters international Conference.