The Guilty Pleasures That Will Make You More Successful

The Guilty Pleasures That Can Make You More Successful.

Ever felt guilty when you’ve spent the night finding out who’s going into the jungle, rather than finishing off that report?

What about ditching your low-fat, high protein dinner and ordering the full works from that Chinese you love instead?

We love to beat ourselves up. We are always wishing we could eat smarter, work harder and be a better friend or partner. But these feelings are destructive, much more so than occasionally giving in to our little pleasures. 

Here, we are going to bust the myths of guilty pleasures. These choices don’t have to be negative and filled with regret. In fact, they can often go towards improving our mood and maintaining strong relationships, in and out of the office. Read on to find out which pleasures many successful people admit to succumbing to indulging in, so you can give yourself a break - and a few extra pleasures minus the guilt.

Snooze Alarm

How many times have you heard that pressing that snooze alarm is a bad move?

Well, spread the news: it turns out, plenty of successful people regularly hit the snooze alarm and survive to tell the tale. In fact, not only do they survive, but they go on to thrive in their careers.

So next time your alarm’s gone off in the middle of a really great dream, press snooze and don’t feel the guilt.

Cakes in the Office

Oh no, it’s Lauren’s birthday and she’s brought in loads of food! Jaffa cakes, Pringles and sausage rolls. How are you going to say no? What about your waistline?

Stop right there. One birthday in the office is not going to blow your diet. In fact, indulging in a few sweet treats around the table is an excellent way to bond with colleagues. If you’re a manager, it shows you’re a normal person who wants to join in the celebrations of someone’s birthday.

So go right ahead and grab a slice of birthday cake.

Glossy Gossip Mags

Commutes can be long and sometimes boring. So if you’re looking for some reading material, to make the journey go a little faster, don’t feel like you have to shy away from glossy gossip and celebrity magazines.

Not everything you read has to be business focussed or concentrating on world events. Sometimes it’s good to escape the daily grind and indulge in the world of the rich and famous. Reading for fifteen to twenty minutes has also been shown to improve focus and concentration. Yes, even if you are only reading a magazine article.

Anyway, you never know, reading celebrity magazines might motivate you to work even harder so you can live a gold platted lifestyle too. Here’s hoping, anyway.


You know that staying in is the new going out, right? And staying in only means one thing. Boxsets. Getting engrossed in the latest blockbuster is a good for you on a number of levels. Not only does it encourage you to step away from your smartphone, boxsets help solidify relationships at home, as you take part in a joint activity.

They are also a key part of maintaining good relationships in the office too. Remember when Phil Mitchell got shot and everyone was talking about it the next day? Television can bring people together. Talking about shared interests with your colleagues creates a lively and engaging environment. So never feel guilty for swapping mid-annual reviews for Mad Men again.


There are some habits that can be destructive, but life's little naughty pleasures are a part of every day life. Instead of battling against them, embrace a few chosen ones and plan to incorporate them into your life - rather than wasting energy beating yourself up. As they say 'everything in moderation'. Although no-one is going to blame your for a one-off marathon Breaking Bad session. Some things just need to be done. 

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