Have a play of Mind Bingo and improve your memory!

Have a play of Mind Bingo and improve your memory!

The Mental Healthy office hasn’t been the same this afternoon, since receiving a link to ‘Mind Bingo’ we have all been trying to improve our memories, or at least our scores in this challenging, yet most enjoyable little game…

We all want to improve our memory, and since the dawn of the computer, games and app developers have been jostling to bring us fun, free and interactive games that are both enjoyable and useful. This one has been designed and developed by Mecca Bingo quite fittingly, as the aim of the game is to remember as many bingo balls as possible.  And since this generation is thought to have a much poorer memory than our ancestors, it’s about time technology gave back to the brain cells we are told it takes away!

How good is your memory?

Now I like to think I have a really good memory, a really, really good memory, and while the game itself tells us that we should be remembering 7 -9 numbers in a sequence, I managed (along with an office average) of 4!! OK so after some practice this improved, but the anxious side of me was concerned I was ‘below par’ in the memory stakes.

Having seen others have a go it is clear to see that the seven – nine ball sequence the game challenges you to achieve, is after you have really begun to master the game and not on the first attempt (mine was one – yes one on my first attempt).

So I would suggest that the game isn’t the best indicator of memory to begin with, but rather an indicator at how adept you are at mastering a new game. But take stock the more you play the better your ‘average’ will be…

Can Mind Bingo improve your memory?

Well in the office we certainly are getting better and better at the game (in fact we should probably be getting a little more work done – reviewing a game counts as work right?) But whether this is indicative of getting a better memory, or rather better at the game I don’t quite know yet, but research does show the more you use your mind to remember puzzles and games, the more you exercise the parts of your brain that memorise the rest of the things we need not forget.

So, for your entertainment, and in the Mentalhealthy spirit of helping stretch and exercise your mind, here is ‘Mind Bingo’ for your enjoyment:

The Mind Bingo game is brought to you by Mecca Bingo


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