Bereavement Counselling

Dealing with a bereavement can be the hardest time in ones life, getting the right support can really help at this difficult time. Death is a part of life, but one that none of us are ever fully prepared to face. When we loose someone we love it can be utterly devestating.

The people listed on this page are dedicated bereavement consellors, psychotherapists or other grief counselling experts. Please browse those available in your area to find the right person to help support you through this difficult time.

While all circumstances are unique, grief really is an emotional and psychological process that has stages that can be helped by the support of a therapist. We hope you find the comfort you need in a professional listed here.

We are always updating this resource, trying to bring professionals together with people who need them; if you would like to be listed here please click on the image to the right and help us help you be found, and help our readers get the support they need.