Alternative Therapists

Mental and emotional, even physical health problems can benefit from you finding a happy, relaxed environment that aids relaxation and inner peace. We always advise that you seek professional help from regulated professionals. We suggest if you have a mental health issue you see your GP as your first point of contact for accurate diagnosis.

You may already know what your problems are, you may simply be seeking help from a counsellor or other professional to help you with a certain aspect of your life, or maybe just seeking some extra support or personal enlightenment. The alternative therapists listed hear deal with a wide range of therapy styles. You may find counsellors that take a holistic (whole person) approach to therapy, and therapists who promote relaxation, or practice reflexology for example.

Whilst we understand that everyone is unique and finds a different route to recovery, we don't promote practices that may pray upon vulnerable people, or may influence their beliefs or spirituality, we do not promote practices such as astrology or tarot. The therapists you find here practice within the UK NHS or BPS guidelines and their qualifications are stated. 

Many counsellors have first sessions at reduced cost or even free so you can ensure you feel comfortable with them and their approach to therapy.

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